Who Am I?

My name is Maxwell Daniel Gray. 

I started writing in the first grade, and when my teacher told me I was good at it, I kept at it. I had it in my head that only real writers write novels ((which is so far from true it’s humiliating)), so immediately I was starting and abandoning clichéd manuscripts with overused subplots and conflicts. As my ideas became more original and my writing improved, I grew older. 

For a reason I can’t remember, I stopped writing around seventh grade. When I met my girlfriend, however, I began writing non-stop. We bonded by writing books together, one after the other until we were friends, and dating, and broken up, and dating again.

Today I write about a lot of similar topics I had when I started writing with her- Depression, lgbt, romance, mental illness, and somewhat dark themes. Music heavily influences my writing, so much so that I make a playlist for each manuscript once it’s developed enough to be a concise idea. As I’m writing this ((9:31 p.m. on September 15th, 2016)), Oh Wonder and Sufjan Stevens are inspiring a working idea I have. 

Like many writers, certain qualities of myself influence and inspire my writing.

When I was twelve, I realized I was pansexual. Soon after that, I realized my characters didn’t have to be straight. 

When I was fourteen, I realized I was transgender. Soon later, gender fluid. Then I realized not all of my characters had to be cisgender or binary. 

When I joined social media platforms at fifteen, I realized not all of my characters had to be white, or a specific gender. 

I’m now sixteen and strive to make my writing, not unique, but as diverse as possible. 

Everyone deserves representation. 

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