Bimonthly Goals [March+April]

It’s February 27th! So I’m taking an I think well deserved break from my homework to let you all know whether I failed or succeeded this bimester ((did anyone else know that was a word ‘cause for a while I thought I made it up)). GET READY FOR A PLOT TWIST, OKAY.

My January & February Goals:

1. Draft 40,000 words of The Finest Trick

My current word count is 80,921 so… Yes, this goal is complete. Just barely though amirite

2. Outline Whatever

… This didn’t happen. There’s no real excuse, I just kept starting over because I wanted to try different styles of outlining. And, honestly, it was because I was looking for a shortcut. Come on, Max, really?

3. Edit Death With Dignity

Death With Dignity is my new adult lgbt short story about a guy named Casper losing his fiancé and hooking up with a dude. It follows through his mourning process and him figuring out his sexuality. I have edited the actual hell out of it and am now just waiting for critique partners! So this goal is complete.

4. Edit One Day I’m Going to be Popular And You’re Going to be Dead

This is my semi-dark, very crappy short story based off the Heathers musical. Now, I didn’t realize how fucking lofty this goal would be. I went through it all and realized that instead of the clean up, rewrite a few scenes I thought it’d be, I actually have to reoutline and rewrite the entire thing. So I went through everything and took note of what had to be changed, and started outlining characters. So even though this goal is technically incomplete, I’m counting it as finished.

5. Read twenty books


6. Update website


7. Name each piece

I said this before and I’m not even going to bother explaining it still. It’s not ready, the goal is incomplete, I’m a loser, next.

8. Begin updating research notebook

Done bitch

9. Research self publishing

I just BARELY scratched the surface. But I did it, and the goal is done.

10. Post eight blog posts

Posted the eighth one a few hours ago 😉

11. Reach 450 followers on koalamuffins

I got close. I was at 412, then I blocked all the porn bots following me, and now I’m at 390 or something. But still a fail.

12. Stay on track or ahead in school

I go to a charter school, and all of my classes are online. So it’s easy for me to fall behind on my schoolwork. Likewise, it’s easy for me to get hella ahead. Which I am. In almost every class. So this is complete.

If you were counting along, you’d know that I’ve completed 8 out of 12 goals, which is a good 96%. Which means I FUCKING KILLED IT THIS BIMESTER. Ah, FUCK YEAH FIRST TIME BITCH.

Okay tone it down

Anyway, March & April!

1. Outline Whatever


2. Outline One Day I’m Going to be Popular and You’re Going to be Dead


3. Post eight blog posts

I’m actually SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I think I’m getting a lot better at blogging and I have tons of ideas.

4. Start a cheap, vegan cookbook.

So I used to be vegan, but had to quit for a couple different reasons. I decided that when I move out of the house and am on my own budget, I’m going to try to be vegan again. Plus, it’ll be good for college to have a list of cheap, healthy meals that I know how to cook. Plus, I’m just excited. I want to learn to cook bad.

5. Get a job

Gotta get that Hot Topic cash amirite

6. Sign up for [this cool school thing]

It’s basically a college type thing where they accept high schoolers to take extra classes, giving them a head start on college credits and helping them build high school credits simultaneously. I’d technically be taking college classes, but it’s gonna be fucking great. This might actually be the most important goal this bimester, because I have a deadline.

7. Stay on track or ahead in school

School is very important to me. This goal will always, without fail, be on this list.

So that’s only seven goals! I’m testing some shit out, because the twelve goals was a lot for me and really overwhelming. Yes, I killed it, but I also killed myself. So I’m gonna see how seven goals fairs out.


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