Bimonthly Goals [November + December]

A little while ago, I decided that I wanted to try doing bimonthly goals. If you’re familiar with Jenna Moreci ((and if you aren’t, what are you doing with your life?)), then you probably know about her quarterly goals philosophy. Basically she picks fifteen to twenty ((I believe)) goals that she wants to complete within three months. She, in her own words, tends to give herself far more goals than she can realistically handle, so the idea is to get at least half of it done. Since Jenna has started YouTube and given out her tips and advice ((found here:,  many writers, including myself, had taken up the quarterly goals challenge. However, I have modified it to fit my own needs. I found quarterly goals to be far too spread out. At one point I tried monthly goals, which went by way too fast. Now I’ve started bimonthly goals ((new goals every two months)) and it’s the perfect fit. I’m going to go over my previous goals and post my goals for January and February in hopes it’ll kick some motivation into me.


1. Finish outlining The Finest Trick

If I remember correctly, I finished this at JUST the last moment. My current wip, an LGBT young adult romance, is currently in its drafting stage. I post updates on my Tumblr, so if you’re interested, go check that out ((

2. Write 10,000 words of The Finest Trick

Miraculously, I completed this goal. I hadn’t drafted in a really long time and I find that when I spend too long between drafting, drafting becomes extremely awkward and, oddly, embarrassing until I can get back into the flow.

3. Enlist beta’s for The Finest Trick’s third draft

WOW this isn’t even CLOSE to being ready hahaha

4. Write Death With Dignity

This happened! Death With Dignity is my nerdy gay short story named using Sufjan Stevens songs. It’s currently in its editing phase and WOW am I wanting to die right now

5. Write three scenes for Mr. Quiet, Whatever, and The Stars in the Sky Are Ours

Okay. So. I did the scenes for Whatever. And two for Stars. And one for Mr. Quiet. But that’s it. In my defence, I had family over the last two weeks of Christmas and the first week for January, so I didn’t get much writing done period. But, regardless, it didn’t happen. So fuck. Hello, still-under-developed character voices.

6. Read Conversion Academy

I did this! Twice.

7. Make Conversion Academy quotes

I also did this! You can check them out on my secondary ((or, like, fourthadry)) blog here (( and read the book here (( It’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever read. So fucking read it, okay? Your goddamn life will change.

8. Reach 400 followers on koalamuffins

No, this did not happen.

9. Reach 50 followers on koalaquotes

This also didn’t happen… Ugh

10. Upload at least two videos

I DIDN’T EVEN UPLOAD ONE. Although, I’ve decided YouTube videos aren’t really for me. Too much anxiety involved. Hence the weekly blog posts, actually.

11. Write two blog posts

Hello! This happened. I feel like I cheated a little bit with them, as they were both scenes from books that aren’t even outlined, but fuck you, I worked hard on those scenes.

12. Rewrite/update research notebook

Another thing I didn’t start on. Research is fucking hard, okay?

13. Format playlists

I did this in, like, the first week of November. It was so easy. It was only a bimonthly goal because I wouldn’t have done it anyway and I really like my playlists to be in the correct order.

14. Stay consistent on quotes

Other than my Christmas induced hiatus, I did pretty damn well on this one. Surprisingly well. Suspiciously well.

15. Stay on track or ahead in school

GODDAMNIT. I didn’t do this. The most important fucking goal on the list, and math fucked me over. Fuck you, too, math.

So if you’ve been counting along ((you probably weren’t. That’s okay, I never do, either)) you’d know I completed eight out of fifteen goals. That’s just barely passing. If you’ve followed me for a little while you’d know this isn’t the first that happened. In fact, it seems like every time I’m just barely hanging on a thread. Let’s hope I do better next time ((although, fucking finals, I’m already not off to such a great start)). Let’s go over my January+February goals!

1. Draft 40,000 words of The Finest Trick

So this was originally 30,000, but then I hit 20,000 and realized, yeah, no, at a normal time, I can knock out 10,000 in a week.

2. Outline Whatever

Oh my God this goal is pissing me off. I thought Whatever was so much more developed than it actually is. Although, it is making steady progress. Just not the kind I thought it’d be making.

3. Edit Death With Dignity

This is probably the goal I’ve worked on the most so far. I’ve currently self-edited three out of five parts, and then I’m gonna give it one more look over and send it over to critique partners.

4. Edit One Day I’m Going to be Popular and You’re Going to be Dead

This is a short story I wrote a few months back and on a normal day I would scrap it- because it’s really fucking awful -but I like the concept a lot and it has a bunch of passages that I don’t want to give up. So I’m going to try and edit this mangled piece of shit.

5. Read twenty books

I’m excited for this one! I have a blog post coming up about the importance of reading while being a writer and, to be honest, I’m just genuinely excited, writer or not. I haven’t read consecutively in a while and while I seriously doubt I’ll reach anything close to twenty, nothing ventured nothing gained. I started a new book today ((so fucking GOGOGODODOD)) and I’m already halfway through.

6. Update author website

I currently have a really gross, childlike author website going on, but a long while back I picked a new domain and have just been hesitant to work on it. Hopefully I’ll have a new website by this March!

7. Name each piece

I’m not even going to bother explaining this. In due time.

8. Begin updating research notebook

Hello again

9. Research self publishing

I really need to do this, and decided it’ll be the perfect start to my research notebook

10. Post blog posts consistently

Every Friday, hopefully.

11. Reach 450 followers on koalamuffins

12. Reach 50 followers on koalaquotes

13. Stay consistent or ahead in school

The semester is ending soon, so I really have faith this time. Math will not fuck me up again.

That’s thirteen goals! Can I make it? Probably not. But maybe stick around to find out, yeah?

Link me to your quarterly/monthly/etc. posts! I’d love to see them.

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Max ❤

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