Growing Your Sources

One of the most universal writing rules is that you can always improve. This is one of the rare rules that have no exceptions- You are never at your best, there will always be someone better than you, and you can always improve. However, sometimes it seems like there’s a limited amount of resources out there. You can be searching for hours on a topic and come up almost completely dry. This is why it’s important to grow your sources. Don’t just get your homework done through books and Wiki- Check out some of the methods I’m listing.

YouTube is by now the obvious choice. There’s a plethora of writers on YouTube now, ready to give you a kick in the ass, a motivational speech, and some advice. YouTube is great because it’s convenient and consistent. A lot of YouTubers put forth a lot of effort to make their vlogs entertaining and funny, so there’s a less chance of you getting bored or frustrated while getting help. On top of that, the comment section is an incredibly helpful feature. If you’re still confused about something, or want to start a discussion, you can immediately contact the creator and other writers.

Jenna Moreci, shaelinwrites, bookishpixie, and Kim Chance are all excellent writing YouTubers.

Blogs are your second plan of action. If you’re looking for something quick and to the point, blog posts are your saving grace. Despite being pretty straightforward, they still have the space to go in depth on topics you’re especially curious about.

Good bloggers include bellarosepope, APageWithAView, and avajae.

Podcasts are relaxing and oftentimes very entertaining. Podcasts are normally anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half long. They’re easy to listen to on your down time, or while exercising, cooking, etc.

The Creative Penn is quite good at making podcasts.

Lastly, discussions. Discussions are your friend because they not only provide many different opinions and perspectives, but because you can even add in your own thoughts! They’re easy to start and easy to find, lurking really anywhere where people can deposit their opinions. Tumblr, Facebook, online forums- Anywhere.

So there you go! Now you have a few more options when doing your research, hopefully enough to finish up that story of yours. And keep in mind- This is only a list that I scraped together. There are so many more resources just waiting for you to find them, so don’t stop here!

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❤ Max

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