You’re Not A Good Writer- Why Continue?

I’ve come across too many writers who quit because they felt like they weren’t good enough. Hell, not just writers, I’ve met people who quit all kinds of things because they weren’t good enough. I’ve been that person. I was supposed to learn violin and guitar, and quit on both. If you’re that person, and you’ve quit on something you really love, or you’re thinking about it, I urge you to read my thoughts.

Do You Enjoy It?

This is, by far, the most important part of this post. Ask yourself, and answer honestly, if this thing is really worth it. It’s okay if writing isn’t what you’re meant to do. Nobody’s going to blame you for that.

One time this summer I was supposed to go on this big water slide thing with my sister and her friends. It was a lot bigger than most rides I’m used to and though I really wanted to try it, I got super nervous on my way up. So I went down.

I trusted myself to know when I need to push myself, and when I need to stand down. If I would have forced myself to continue up that ride, I would have gotten nervous at the top- Maybe even had a panic attack -and cause a huge annoying scene and end up not riding it anyway.

If writing isn’t your thing- Or whatever you’re reading this post for -that’s fine. That’s okay. Stop now, before you hate yourself, and find what is your thing.

Nobody Starts Out Well

So you’ve decided writing is your thing, but you’re still horrible at it. That’s okay, that’s what this post is for.

There are some people who are naturally talented at things- “Gifted,” or whatever. But the rest of us? We start off as beginners. And the people who are gifted, the people who are one step ahead of you are just that- One step. Just one. The rest was earned from experience and persistence.

The Start Of It All Sucks

The beginning is always the worst part. You’re at the bottom of a long hill, at the start of the learning curve.

Think of riding a bike up a hill. You’re at the bottom, and you’re pedalling, and it takes you a few minutes to get traction. But then you do, and you’re on your way up. And it’s hard, right? ‘Cause the hill is super fucking steep and annoying and you’ve just started- Your muscles are all tense and not really knowing what they’re doing yet.

So you take a break for a minute, take a rest, and when you start again, your muscles are looser and they realize they’re doing something difficult. And then you’re biking up the hill, slowly, and it hurts a little but you’re making progress.

When you reach the top of the hill, you’re fucking exhausted. Your legs hurt and you think you might be dying a bit, but then you look over and you’re so high up and you have this really awesome, new perspective that’s complete unique to you, and you can see exactly where you’re going.

I just described the learning curve. That is the exact feeling of obtaining a new skill, and if it’s a skill you care about, it will be worth it. So, yes, the start fucking sucks, but it doesn’t last forever.

You Can Support Yourself

So many writers get discouraged because of other people. Their family doesn’t support them, their friends think they’re dumb ((fyi get new friends)), when they post their work it’s crickets. This happens to every writer at some point. Those who don’t deal with it occasionally deal with it always ((until a certain point, that is)).

But you’re a person, too. You have a brain, you have a psyche. You’re able to support yourself. You’re able to look at your work and say, ‘Yes, I like this.’ Or look at it and say, ‘This could be better.’ And the entire internet is at your disposal, piles and piles of information for you to look through and improve with.

And if all else fails- As it does -I support you. You can message me at any time, and I will support you.

There Will Always Be Problems

You’re waiting for the storm to clear. But it won’t. So get over it. Accept that life is shit sometimes and you can get on anyway.

That’s all I have for today. Before I go, I just wanted to say sorry for the late post. I’m still working everything out and I know there are errors sometimes, and I just wanted to thank you for your patience. If you have anything you’d like me to start or stop doing, or work at improving, please let me know.

❤ Max

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