Bimonthly Goals [July & August]

This post is going to be a little bit different from my usual ones. Instead of offering advice, I’m going to be going over my bimonthly goals. For those of you familiar with Jenna Moreci’s quarterly goals routine, it’s that exact same thing except I do it in two month intervals.

As I’m writing this, it’s August 30th, just two days before the next bimester. I currently have 6 out of 11 goals completed, which is over half, meaning I’ve succeeded.

July & August Goals

1. The Finest Trick’s first read-through

The Finest Trick is my lgbt romance novel that I’ve been working on for maybe close to two years now. The first read-through is my personal first step in the editing process- I literally just read through it and made notes on what needed changing.

This was pretty easy, and I got it done quickly.

2. Rewrite needed TFT scenes

I didn’t get this one done. I’ve improved a lot since finishing TFT, and there was, from what I remember, anywhere from twenty to thirty scenes that needed complete restructuring. I made a nice dent, but didn’t get anywhere close to finishing.

3. Outline whatever

This is done.

4. Draft 50 pages of whatever

This is very done! I just hit page sixty today.

5. Outline Ex’s & Oh’s

Ex’s & Oh’s is the starter title for a short story I’m writing about polyamorous relationships. Or, one polyamorous relationship in particular. I was really close to getting this done, but it didn’t happen. I’m currently outlining part five out of six.

6. Outline [really bad starter title]’s characters

So, this is a goal that I probably shouldn’t have even put on there. This is a book that I’ve had in my head for a while but I also have absolutely no intention on starting it soon. I just wanted to outline the characters to keep the idea in my head, because it keeps drifting until I remember it again. Anyway, it didn’t happen.

7. Make a comprehensive outline for 100 Letters.

I did this! 100 Letters is the start title for a new book I’m working on.

8. Post 6 blog posts

I have trouble keeping up a schedule, so that’s why I put this on there. It’s done.

9. Beat Fall Out

This was really just me forcing myself to have fun this summer. And, even if I didn’t finish the goal, it worked, so whatever.

10. [Exercise goal that I didn’t achieve]

11. Look into [college that I want to go to]

This got done, if barely.

Alright! It seems like between the last bimester and this one, I’ve been on an uphill climb. Hopefully I can keep that going!

September & October Goals

1. Draft 80 more pages of whatever

2. Draft six one shots

You can find my other one shots here.

3. Start drafting Ex’s & Oh’s

I know I didn’t finish outlining it, but that’ll get done pretty quick.

4. Rewrite needed TFT scenes

5. Develop 100 Letters’s characters

6. Rename This City Is Contagious

I technically did this already, but… I still hate the title. At least it’s not named after a song anymore.

7. Market mailing list

8. [School related goal]

9. Apply for [blanking this out for now]

10. [Exercise goal]

11. Stay on track or ahead in school

Alright, so that’s all! My goals are obviously susceptible to change, and if you’re subscribed to my mailing list, you’ll get to see those changes. My mailing list got much more information in their copy of this post, so if you’d like to be in the know or want to read my posts an entire week early, go subscribe!!

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