Bimonthly Goals [September & October]

Wow, Max does blog posts? It’s almost like this is a cool new thing I’m trying out.

Okay, seriously, sorry for missing last week and being late, I was dealing with some Real Life Anxiety ((I know you’re reading this, CJ)). My girlfriend and I followed each other on Tumblr ((before we started dating)) and no one in real life knows I do weekly posts, so my brain was kinda just going “nononoonono” but I’ve gotten over it and I’m gonna pray she doesn’t try to talk to me about it in person.

Anyway, enough excuses, let’s get to the point.

This week I’m going over my September & October goals, how well I did, and announcing my goals for November and December. Remember that if you subscribe to my mailing list, you get a lot more information and when I’m not being a piece of shit anxiety-riddled teenager, you get to read my posts an entire week early.

September & October Goals:

1) Draft 80 more pages of whatever [140 pages total]

I’m laughing because I did sort of finish this goal, but not really because whatever ended up being 138 pages long in its completion, so not really? Anyway I did write over 80 pages, just the rest was done in one shots.

2) Draft six one shots


Yeah, this didn’t happen at all.

I drafted one.

3) Rename This City Is Contagious


I’m actually really happy about this one because this would be the third time I’ve renamed this one shot and I think I’m finally happy with the title.

4) Rewrite needed The Finest Trick scenes.

I’m actually so surprised I did this. I expected to make a pretty big chunk of progress, but I didn’t make it a goal in mind of finishing it- I just wanted to motivate myself to work on it. But I finished it up at the last minute, and now I’ve been adding some final touches and getting critiques from my critique partner.

5) Develop 100 Letters characters

I wouldn’t call this completed, because I didn’t develop all of them, but I did a pretty decent amount. I think three or four characters? And my casts are always pretty small, so that’s a good majority.

6) Make notes on The Kids Aren’t Alright.

I’m planning on rewriting this soon ((not a huge, plot-shifting, character-revising rewrite, literally just making the writing itself better)) so I went through and reread The Kids Aren’t Alright and made notes on all the things that needed fixing.

7) Apply for [job I want]

I did this

If you followed my last post, you’ve probably noticed I took out some goals. I basically realized one was stupid and the other two were for a short story idea I decided to scrap because I didn’t really care about it anymore. So ten became seven and I accomplished four, which is technically half, which is a win.

November & December Goals:

1) Write 10 one shots for NaNo.

I know this seems fucking crazy but the entire point of NaNo is challenge yourself so what the fuck pray for me.

2) Edit The Finest Trick.

Not fully, but get all my last touches down and then start applying my critique partner’s suggestions.

3) Outline new project

4) Critique Tortured Souls

This is my critique partner’s manuscript ((super fucking amazing so far)), I want to fully critique it for him by the end of December.

5) Rewrite The Kids Aren’t Alright

I realize is a shit ton shorter list of goals than I’ve ever had before, I usually go somewhere around ten to fifteen, but I really wanted to hone in what I was focusing on and have more attention for school. I realized a lot of the time I was making goals just to make goals, so I sat down and thought about what I really care about right now, and here they are.

Because of how short the list is, I changed the rules a little: I want to accomplish all of these goals, except The Kids Aren’t Alright. TKAA is optional, something for me to focus on if I finish everything else/if I have time.

So that’s all! Sorry for the super late post, I promise next week there’ll be an advice one up. If you want to talk to me about your quarterly/otherwise goals, you can message me on Tumblr at koalamuffins.

❤ Max

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