A Quiet Finale [Teaser]

Nash has spent his life alone. Orphaned and alienated, he drifts through his days with only the end in mind. This is, of course, until a respected astronomer and research blogger predicts the end of the world. With the real end coming at him with lightning speed, it's time for Nash to decide what he wants his life to be about, and whether he has enough time to do it.

Eyes Closed

Collin is promiscuous and self destructive. Constant is patient and empathetic. When they cross paths, it will change their lives.


Why taking risks is important, and how to make calculated decisions.

The Finest Trick [Sense]

Shayne grabbed his tray from the cafeteria’s conveyor belt and started towards the exit. He didn’t feel hungry, but took the food as an old habit. He scanned the room as he pushed through the crowds, and stopped halfway to the exit. Darrel was sitting alone, staring down at a book with an untouched tray of food in front of him. His eyes moved over the words without hesitation or break. Shayne’s stomach twisted painfully as he watched him.